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Sims Are Growing Older Too Soon As A Result Of A Bug In The Most Recent Version Of The Sims 4

According to the Sims Community fan website, reports of the issue have been reported rather frequently. Sims transition through many life stages swiftly; for example, youths become young adults, adults become elderly, and so on.

According to community testing, the issue is tied to the Sims’ several lifespan options and that switching from a residential lot to another screen, like a globe map or “Create a Sim,” hastens the aging process.

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In the meanwhile, the affected gamers can use a workaround while the devs work on a patch. Twitter has clarified this “We are looking into instances in which Sims aged automatically on saves with short or lengthy lifespans.

While we work on a fix, we advise playing existing saves or making brand-new ones with standard or “regular” lifespans.”

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It’s wise to make a backup of your saves just in case, as there’s no clear indication of whether you’ll be able to restore mistakenly aged Sims.

The July 26 update added a lot of new features in addition to the aging problem. The update also modifies the phone’s user interface and gives you the opportunity to build curved walls as well as a tonne of new body hair options to make your Sims hairy.

The Sims 4’s creator, Maxis, is requesting that players avoid the long lifespan feature for the time being because turning it on appears to be the root of the issue.

Many users are expecting that the glitch will be fixed in time for the release of the High School Days expansion. It’s simple to understand how Sims abruptly becoming adults after being high school students could cause problems with the new DLC’s content.

For those who love their Sims living a little longer than typical, hopefully, a patch will address the problem shortly.