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Shia LaBeouf Was Dismissed From ‘Don’t Worry, Darling,’ According To Olivia Wilde

Shia LaBeouf ‘s dismissal from Olivia Wilde ‘s next film, Don’t Worry, Darling, is being explained.

The actor/director, 38, remembers choosing the lead character to play alongside Florence Pugh for the thriller in a conversation with Variety that was published this week. Wilde stated to the publication that her first choice, Harry Styles, was not a possibility because he was on tour but was ultimately cast in the role after LaBeouf left.

Wilde decided to terminate LaBeouf in 2020, just as the movie’s shooting had begun. Early reports claimed that the actor’s departure from the project was the result of a scheduling dispute; however, PEOPLE later confirmed that the actor had been dismissed.

Variety was the first to announce LaBeouf’s sacking, citing insiders who claimed the 36-year-old “exhibited terrible conduct and his manner contrasted with the cast and crew, notably Wilde, who eventually dismissed him.”

In the new interview, Wilde disclosed for the first time the true reason behind his resignation.

I say this because I’m such a fan of his work,” she remarked. “His approach did not support the moral standards I demand in my projects. I personally don’t think that his method is favorable to the best results because it sometimes seems to demand combative energy.”

She went on, “The best approach to encourage people to produce their best work, in my opinion, is to establish a secure and trustworthy workplace. My duty to safeguard the cast and the production comes first and foremost. I have to do that.”

Months after that choice was made, FKA twigs filed a lawsuit for sexual battery against the actor, who was both her costar and ex-boyfriend. LaBeouf sought inpatient treatment after the lawsuit, broke ways with CAA, and took a break from acting.

After this incident, a lot about his conduct “came to light that really concerned me,” said Wilde to Variety. Since I support restorative justice, I can’t help but wish him health and progress.