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Shakira Has Been Accused Of Tax Fraud; She Might Be Sentenced 8 Years In Jail

Shakira is someone who everyone loves because of her incredible songs for years. She’s known as the ‘Queen of Latin’ music and has been singing since she was just 13. Shakira is a name that everyone remembers because many people grew up with her songs. Being that famous also means that she has been in the spotlight for a very long time.

The singer has been accused of tax fraud recently. In 2018, it was alleged that she had failed to pay 14.5 million euros to the Spanish Government. This was from the years 2012 till 2014. Shakira called herself a resident of the Bahamas however it is alleged that she had been living in Spain in Catalonia.

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Shakira has refused the proposal for a plea agreement which means that the case is heading towards a full trial. However, the trial date has not yet been scheduled. If Shakira is found guilty, she will be charged with eight years of jail time. She would also have to pay 24 million euros in fines if she is found guilty.

Shakira’s publicists claim that she has done no such thing. They claim that she has lived in accordance with the law her whole life and has never had any issues with taxpaying and refraining from indecent behaviors.

They also said that Shakira has already paid the amount of 14.5 million euros to the Spanish government as well as an extra three million euros in interest. She believes that she has done more than enough as a taxpayer and she is not obligated to pay more.

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This legal issue comes right after her recent split with her boyfriend Gerard Piqué who is a famous Spanish soccer player. She shares two children with her now ex-partner. It seems that Shakira is going through a hard time in all kinds of directions.

Fans have been shocked to hear of the allegations against Shakira. However, Shakira has been a fan favorite for a very long time and thus her fans are bound to support her till the very end. Fans hope that Shakira is doing okay in these difficult times and wish her a lot of love.