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Selena Gomez Showed A Figure Wearing A Swimsuit And Urged People Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Deficiencies

Bullying is something that popular artist Selena Gomez is quite familiar with. The celebrity received criticism so frequently that she was forced to temporarily stop using social media.

The moment the singer was photographed by the paparazzi on the beach and the photos were posted online; the trolls started criticizing her appearance.

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Gomez, who has lupus erythematosus, is compelled to take weight-affecting medications. As a result, the star’s physical form changes throughout time.

Gomez eventually developed the ability to ignore those who engaged in body shaming and started to accept and love her body as it was. She sent her admirers a body-positive message the day before in a Tiktok video that she shared while wearing a swimsuit.

Pull him in, the opening line of Tasha K’s popular audio clip, played as Gomez basked in the sun. The words from the clip are repeated by Gomez while synchronizing his lips.

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I won’t drag him inside, I promise. Selena echoes this sentiment, agreeing that “real bellies are back.” She then gently strokes her own belly to show that creases and a lack of cubes on the press are quite natural.

Fans of the actress congratulated her for the clip and suggested that celebs upload more of these kinds of videos. “Selena, you are the ideal role model,” “You are lovely!” and “Thanks to you, I feel secure in my body!” And you don’t need Photoshop and filters, according to her supporters.

Selena Gomez has had several reasons to rejoice recently. The performer has been the epitome of booked and busy between her 30th birthday and the recent season 2 launch of her popular program, Only Murders in the Building.


Currently, Selena is relaxing on a boat in Italy while on vacation, gracing the internet with a collection of TikTok videos that I will repeatedly be watching since they are so memorable.