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Selena Gomez Reflects On The Idea Of Marriage And Parenthood

Selena Gomez recently turned 30 and made all of her fans who have been following her since she appeared on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place feel very old. But it seems her fans are not the only ones who have had a change of perspective, as the singer, songwriter, model, and actress has revealed that she realizes that soon her busy life in the entertainment industry will be coming to an end and she is going to want to settle down and start a family.

In a recent conversation with Raquelle Stevens and Ashley Cook, two of her best friends, in an episode of the TaTaTu series “Giving Back Generation,” Selena discussed the idea of becoming a wife and mom in the following words:

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“I hope to be married and to be a mom. Eventually, I’m going to be tired of all this, so I’m probably just going to devote most of my life to philanthropy before I peace out. . . . Just keeping it real.”

Selena revealed that her little sister Gracie, who is only 8 years old has really brought a lot of this energy out of her. Spending time with the little girl has given her the perspective of what it would be like to have a child of her own and she likes the idea. Selena explained her entire thought in the following words:

“[Gracie] is 8 years old, and she puts things into perspective. I have to basically watch this little person grow into a human being, and there’s no better feeling in the world. I kind of feel like a parent, in a way, even though I’m not. But it’s so rewarding to see that life was so simple at one point, and I want to enjoy life, sometimes, the way she enjoys life.”

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Selena also talked about wanting to share her life with a special someone in the following words:

“I want a husband, and I want that kind of [physical] touch. I think my love languages would have to be physical touch and, I actually would say, acts of service. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve really appreciated that.”


There isn’t any romantic spark in Selena’s life at the moment, at least not one that the public knows about but rest assured that the wonderful and fiercely hardworking personality of the singer and actress should attract a potential partner pretty easily, and her fans will always root for her to find the happiness she desires in life.