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See’s Jason Momoa Says He Had A ‘Great Gift of Character’ For The Part

The Aquaman actor was all praise for his Baba Voss character in the adored Apple TV+ series when he spoke to PEOPLE on Tuesday at the launch of the last season.

The show takes place hundreds of years after the vision is no longer a part of human life. Baba, a warrior and the chief of the Alkenny Tribe, is tasked with defending his children from those who would seek to destroy them since they were born with the mythical ability to see.

According to 43-year-old Momoa, “saying goodbye to the person” is his character’s “very enormous problem.” “You work so hard to get where you are in your profession, and then you get the gift of a fantastic role, then you have to say goodbye,” the actor said of playing Baba.

He says, “You do it well, and then you have to say goodbye to him.” It was a very enjoyable series. I really hope everyone like it. It was good to be able to conclude it that way rather than have it stop abruptly.

The events of Season 3 take place roughly a year after Voss vanquished his archenemy brother Edo and left his family behind to live alone in the forest.

A logline from Apple TV+ stated, “But when a Trivantian scientist creates a new and lethal kind of sighted weaponry that threatens the survival of humanity, Baba returns to Paya in order to defend his people once more.”

In response to a question on the nature of his role as a strong father figure and leader, Momoa clearly Explains that his character was “inspired by my own mentality.”

It’s simply what I would want to do, what I would want to do to safeguard my babies if I were in this world, he claims. I’m only playing within these boundaries and under the laws of the game