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Season 14 Legends Are Having The Wrong Powers Due To A New Apex Legends Bug

Even though Apex Legends has received high praise from the gaming press since its release, the game has been home to a wide variety of unusual and occasionally absurd bugs.

Given that it’s a highly complicated game that frequently receives significant content upgrades, this is obviously neither especially shocking nor surprising, but one would assume that its player base would have seen everything by then.

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This was not the situation, though, as Apex Legends may have just had its most bizarre and outrageous problem to date, and it’s still not clear what might be to blame.

In particular, it appears like the game is combining and mingling numerous Legends. The player may select one character, only to have them emerge into the game with the skills of completely other protagonists.

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Although Season 14 DLC for Apex Legends has been causing a stir in the game, this specific patch also appears to have brought about the odd glitch that users have actually started mentioning.

For instance, if the player selects Wattson, Octane’s skills, motions, and vocal lines will be mixed with her avatar model, confusing everyone. Additionally, there doesn’t appear to be a limit to how well this combining and matching may be done. The problem is entirely random, but so are the skills that players are given.

There is, therefore, a not insignificant risk that a player will receive some other Legend’s skills in place of Ash’s portals, which they intended to use to win Apex Legends.

As humorous as it may sound at first, there is little doubt that this is a serious issue. Individuals normally have no means of knowing what level of experience they’re getting when they load into a match because this is such a common problem.

Despite how absurd it may sound, it may be claimed that the new ability to switch up glitch poses a greater threat than the ongoing Apex Legends hacking problem.

Respawn Entertainment’s developers have not yet responded to the issue, but given how disruptive and perplexing it could become for the player controlling the glitched protagonist and for those who might end up facing a teleporting Gibraltar, the likelihood that it will be given priority is comparatively high.