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Season 1 of MultiVersus Next Fighters, Black Adam And Stripe, Began With A Shocking Announcement

A shocking statement introduces MultiVersus‘ first season.

The first season of MultiVersus content began on Monday, and players received two freshly confirmed fighters as an unexpected bonus. According to new artwork for the competitive platform fighter from Player First Games and Warner Bros., Black Adam from the DC Universe and Stripe from Gremlins are making their way to MultiVersus.

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In MultiVersus, Black Adam joins DC villain Harley Quinn, superheroes Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Of course, Black Adam’s release in theatres coincides with the arrival in MultiVersus of the former villain and archenemy of Captain Marvel. The release date of Black Adam in MultiVersus has not yet been announced, despite the film’s scheduled October theatrical release.

The introduction of Stripe to MultiVersus hasn’t either, although Gremlins supporters will be pleased to cause problems as the mogwai-fed-after-midnight at some time this season. Undoubtedly, Gremlins 2: The New Batch fans are curious to find out if and when Player First will publish the Greta skin for Stripe.

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Before joining the Smash-like free-to-play fighting game, Black Adam and Stripe will have to wait for MultiVersus’ two confirmed newcomers, Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty. Morty will join MultiVersus on August 23, which is exciting news.

A premium currency purchased in the free-to-play game’s marketplace or in-game currency acquired through gameplay can be used to unlock any of the 17 characters that are currently available in MultiVersus. Characters like Harry Potter, Fred Flintstone, and Gizmo from Gremlins were reportedly going to make an appearance in the game, according to a data mine leak from back in March.

At least to an outsider, the other addition is far less noticeable. Stripe, the strange and ruthless antagonist from the 1984 black horror comedy that doubled as a family film and had enough violence to influence the creation of the PG-13 rating in the United States. On the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, MultiVersus can be downloaded.