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Ryan McKeown Has Addressed Some Social Media Drama With Hannah Ferrier

Ryan McKeown is an extremely famous chef that is known for his exceptional dishes and amazing food. He’s in Below Deck Down Under with Hannah Ferrier and Aesha Scott. Anyone who has watched the show knows that there is some tension between Aesha Scott but now Hannah Ferrier has been roped into the drama.

Ryan and Hannah have had a little back and forth on social media. The fight was because Ryan claimed that Aesha’s whole life was Bravo. Hannah couldn’t watch it happen and came to Aesha’s defense under an Instagram post with Ryan’s interview saying that her life was mostly spent traveling the world and adventuring with her husband and said sarcastically that sure this was her life.

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When Ryan saw her reaction he claimed that he didn’t even know who she was. He stated that he had to google to even find out who she was. Hannah has served as a chief stew in the Below Deck Down Under and has many fans from the show. Some of the crew appreciate Hannah as well such as Captain Jason Chambers who said “I know Hannah through a mutual friend. She’s a Sydney girl, so I did reach out to her before the show started to ask her opinion about me going on the show. And I must admit if it wasn’t for her positive attitude towards it and her advice. And she just said, ‘Just go on there and be yourself and do what you do and just remember you’re there to enjoy that.’ And that’s kind of me to a T. So it was an easy fit.”

Aesha has also claimed that she and Hannah talk all the time on the phone. She also said that Hannah was incredibly supportive of her when she was promoted to Chief Stew.

Ryan has said that he has no regrets about anything he said about Aesha. He also said that working with her was not as easy as people seemed to think. Ryan clearly states that he meant what he said about Aesha and was not going to apologize.

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Fans were shocked at their words from Ryan and the drama just keeps getting spicier. Fans are hooked on the drama and can’t wait to see what happens next.