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Ryan Gosling Discusses Parenting His Girls While Juggling His Profession With Eva Mendes

Even if the name Ryan Gosling is connected to well-known ventures, he always prioritizes his family. The 41-year-old actor confessed that parenting is a goal for him in a recent interview with Heat magazine.

He now looks after Hollywood diva Eva Mendes and their children, Amada Lee, 6, and Esmeralda, 7. As it turned out, the artist’s cherished women were instrumental in getting him cast in the Netflix streaming movie “The Gray Man.”

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I’m a father first and foremost. Therefore I made The Gray Man in part so I could visit these fascinating locations with my children.

It’s funny how we traveled all around France, visiting the Louvre, among other locations. But now, if I ask them: “What about France did you like the most? The response will be, “Fruit plate in the hotel,” “He confessed.

Ryan also mentioned that he intends to show his acting chops to his daughters in the next movie starring everyone’s favorite Barbie doll. Barbie is a fantastic platform for showcasing my art.

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The fact that I’m doing this for them is of little consequence, but this is the first time I believe they will be able to comprehend. Despite the fact that nobody else plays with Ken, they don’t really grasp why I want to play him. However, this is the reason we must share his story, “Actor revealed.

And in June, Eva Mendes discussed having kids with Gosling and evaluated how much of an impact he had on her girls.

I’m hoping he’ll demonstrate to my daughters that there are no prescribed gender roles and that we are all equals.


It’s a daily team effort, so I believe that if they notice him and me changing by acting in certain ways that, once again, are not connected to stereotypical gender things, that produces harmony and equilibrium. “At the time, she said.