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Robber Kim Kardashian Accuses Star Of Being Behind For Historic Paris Hotel Robbery

One of the perpetrators of the 2016 Kim Kardashian hotel heist in Paris has accused his well-known victim of committing the crime, stating she “should be a little less flamboyant.”

Yunis Abbas was sentenced to almost two years in prison for the dramatic $10 million robbery in which Kardashian was tied up and dumped in the bathtub of her hotel room by assailants posing as police officers.

“I was there to collect the cash since she was tossing it out, and that was all. Guilty? Abbas snorted to VICE News in an interview that was released on Saturday, “No, I don’t care.

He added of Kardashian and other famous individuals who publicly display their money online: “They should be a little less ostentatious towards people that can’t afford it. “It’s provocative for certain individuals,”

Many of the burglars, who were over 60 and were branded the “grandpa gangsters” on social media, took $10 million worth of jewels from Kardashian, including the $4 million, 20-carat engagement ring that Kanye West gave her.

Twelve persons were taken into custody for the Paris Fashion Week scam, including Abbas, who is in his late 60s. After serving 22 months, he was allowed to leave prison due to obvious heart-related health issues.

He claimed that after noticing Kardashian flaunting her jewelry on social media all over the place, the group used the Internet to locate her and rob her.

Abbas claimed that he remained downstairs in the hotel to serve as a watchman while his accomplices restrained the reality star in the bathtub.

The secretary of Madame Kardashian made a help request. However, she dialed 911 in the US, which alarmed us and caused them to lose a lot of time. And when we left, there were several cops outside who were unaware of the robbery, the man claimed.

Kardashian has discussed the traumatic event numerous times, claiming it left her afraid and tense all the time.