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Release Information For Hogwarts Legacy Might Be Revealed Soon

It’s likely that we’ll be able to learn when Hogwarts Legacy will be launched. There is no set a date for the action movie based on the “Harry Potter” magical world, but that could change very soon.

The idea of pre-ordering Hogwarts Legacy began to be announced on social media by users who claimed to be receiving mail alerts.

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Although the game is not yet officially available for pre-purchase, the large retail chain GameStop is sending out pre-order notifications for it.

Users believe that the store started disseminating information earlier than expected. The game’s release date will most likely be revealed this month, maybe even in the next few days.

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While Hogwarts Legacy official news has been difficult to come by, curious players have been scouring previous videos and the game’s official website in an effort to unearth any new information.

One player even discovered the details of the game’s collectors and deluxe versions by accessing hidden files on the Hogwarts Legacy website.

Although it’s unknown how long this file has been on the website, the links it contains to Best Buy and GameStop imply that the pre-order campaign for these products may be about to start.

A recent check at the game’s UI by the sharp-eyed Hogwarts Legacy subreddit users revealed yet another secret that was seemingly lying in plain sight.

Menu components can be shown for as few as a few frames, according to a post on the HarryPotterGame subreddit.

Hogwarts Legacy, to be released in 2021 for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, was initially planned to be published by Warner’s Portkey Games imprint. The game’s release date was postponed by Warner Bros. until 2022 last year.

It recently reiterated intentions to release Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy in October of this year, along with a Switch version that had not yet been disclosed.