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Regarding Claims Of Unhygienic Circumstances, Kylie Jenner Has Reacted

Kylie Jenner has reacted angrily to those who have criticized her most recent lab photographs. It’s all about the photos from Kylie Cosmetics ‘ production, where a watchful audience could see utterly unhygienic conditions.

In a post by makeup artist and cosmetics designer Kevin James Bennett, who chastised the celebrity for not using a hair cap, shoe covers, a mask, and nitrile gloves, the company’s owner replied in the comments.

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“Kevin, the factory was not where this shot was taken. Like any other celebrity or owner of a beauty firm, I would never disregard sanitary regulations, the TV personality wrote.

Kylie added that in the pictures released on Wednesday, she was on a personal account and that she agreed with the statement that such behavior would be wholly unacceptable.

“For content that wasn’t near to mass production, I made my own samples and shot images. Nobody puts customers in danger! Kevin, you should feel ashamed for propagating misinformation, Jenner continued.

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Jenner Bennett responded by claiming that the TV show’s star had substituted themes and purposefully misled his viewers.

So you were looking at an expensive homogenizer that handled at least 50 liters of cosmetic stuff, Kevin said, catching Kylie in a lie (the product still covered the mixing blades).

However, is this not the manufacturing of cosmetics? Is that a secluded area? “the makeup artist asked. “Numerous brand owners take those photographs.

She’s not acting improperly, and there is no way for us to determine how much of the formulation process she is involved in, one Instagram user commented.

A different person continued, “I’ve seen all kinds of circumstances in development laboratories, but exposed hair near a kettle in production would never happen. That’s all.


In addition to launching Kylie Skin and Kylie Baby in 2019 and 2021, Jenner founded Kylie Cosmetics in 2014 and started selling items the following year.