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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets A Fresh Single-Player Adventure Thanks To The Ambitious Patch ‘Life Of Crime’

The year 2020’s Game of the Year on Steam was won by Red Dead Redemption 2. The mood of every user may not be met by this, though. So, if one game seems like a thrilling cowboy journey with a lot of plot developments, the gameplay could seem repetitive and boring for someone else.

The latter is understandable, of course. Long-lasting animations, a reasonably lengthy hunting technique, and monotonous chats are all features of the game. Because of this, some individuals perceive the game to be monotonous.

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There are more than just missions in Life of Crime. It begins with its own opening scene in which your character—who may be male or female—escapes from the Siska jail before running into a contact who helps them launch their new criminal career.

Once in the open world, you can access a unique skill tree to advance your character and start two new missions: Manor Robbery and Train Robbery. You can also start earning money in all the traditional, legal and illicit methods by using all the other available options.

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The mod’s creator, CruelMasterMC, stated in a recent update that “the essence of the mod is to play as a completely NEW character.” All of the weapons may be acquired while playing the game by paying the gunsmith for them. Or, by locating them somewhere on the landscape, you can increase your income by finishing tasks like missions.

Life of Crime was previously accessible in an early version. But limiting it to the estate robbery, you committed as Arthur was rather simplistic.

Unfortunately, CruelMasterMC took a “long sabbatical” from modding; hence this version went for a long time without any changes. The designer, however, has returned with a fresh enthusiasm for RDR2 scenarios and intends for this crucial Life of Crime extension to be one of many. Future upgrades will also include new heists and reward chasing.