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Rebel Wilson Before I Ever Thought About Losing Weight, Olivia Newton-John Educated Me About Health

Before starting her 2020 weight loss quest, Rebel Wilson recounted how the legendary Olivia Newton-John , a passionate supporter of breast cancer awareness, instructed her about wellness.

In an Instagram post mourning Newton-John, who passed away on Monday at the age of 73, Wilson, 42, wrote: “You attempted to teach me about health years before I thought it was real.” “You were so generous to me, and getting to know you, Olivia was such a pleasure.”

The “Grease” actress who played her mother in their 2011 comedy “A Few Best Men” was something else the “Pitch Perfect” actress thought about.

It was an absolute honor to portray your daughter in A FEW BEST MEN since you were the most beautiful woman both inside and out. You are a real Aussie icon.

Similar to Newton-John, Wilson is also an Australian. As a young child, I was much aided in my belief that an Australian girl could star in major worldwide musicals by witnessing you in the massive Hollywood film Grease with your native accent.

When Wilson was 15 years old, she auditioned for a part in her high school’s production of “Grease,” Wilson claimed that Newton-John, who battled breast cancer for 30 years, motivated her to do so.

She also thought back on the opportunity to spend time with her idol decades later. Wilson declared she would begin a year of wellness in 2020 and eventually underwent a complete bodily makeover.

The “Isn’t It Romantic,” actress revealed that before switching to a high-protein diet, she used to consume 3,000 calories each day. She also used a personal trainer to help her get in fit. Wilson revealed in July 2021 that she had lost an astonishing 65 pounds to improve her chances of becoming pregnant after revealing a few months previously that she was having fertility problems.