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Ray J Has Gotten A Tattoo Of His Sister Brandy On His Leg And People Are Conflicted On How To Feel About It

Ray J is a famous American singer that has put out a lot of good music for his fans to enjoy. He’s one of the most talented people in the industry and is known for his amazing voice. He’s curated a bunch of fans over the years and everyone loves him.

He’s also known for doing what he likes whenever he likes. Recently, he got a new tattoo but people are unsure how to feel about it. He on the other hand is completely unbothered by the reaction he is receiving. He had decided to get his sister Brandy ‘s face tattooed on his body a second time.

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The newest tattoo in his collection is placed on his thigh and features his sister’s face with writing such as best friends on her forehead and from Ray with love on the rest of her face. Her eyes in the tattoo appear bloodshot and she has two lines running from her lip down to her chin.

Ray got the tattoo made out of love. However, many fans had a strange reaction to the decision. However, Ray isn’t letting the talk of the people bring him down. He has admitted that his sister was a little uneasy about the tattoo in the first place. Ray said “She was a little uneasy about it, but if you check out Mashkow page, he’s one of the dopest and it’s hard to get him to tat you. It’s like he’s booked for two years, right? I like the tattoo.”

Mashkow was the tattoo artist who had done the tattoo for him and he is known for his unique signature style of realistic portraits of people. His signature is also bloodshot eyes as well as writing written across the faces of the people he tattoos onto others.

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Ray himself loves his tattoo and speaks of not regretting it. He claims that it had grown on him and it doesn’t make sense to a lot of people because they haven’t seen his whole leg. However, fans themselves were a little uneasy at the tattoo and have raised questions about it.