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Pump Rules’ Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz: We’ve Done a ‘Good Job’ Divorcing

It’s all good! Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz dished on their breakup and revealed where they stand on what would’ve been their six-year wedding anniversary.

The 35-year-old TV personality introduced her 39-year-old estranged husband on the Friday, August 19, episode of her “You’re Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney” podcast as her “special guest” and “good dear friend.”

The introduction quickly caught Schwartz’s attention, who confessed, “We’re still learning how to address each other in public. We’re working through this now.”

The Vanderpump Rules costars, who announced their split in March, went on to explain that this week is “bittersweet” for them on many levels. For starters, the twosome are selling their Los Angeles home that they shared while married.

“I don’t need much in life, but it’s hard to go backwards when you had something full of so much joy and happiness,” the Florida State University alum said, to which his estranged spouse replied, “There’s also so much possibility on the horizon.”

To make the sale even more emotional, Maloney revealed that they are closing escrow on the property one day before their sixth wedding anniversary. (The pair tied the knot in 2016 but after losing the paperwork had a second ceremony in 2019 to make it legal.)

“Long story short, it’s bittersweet. We’re getting through it,” Schwartz told the listeners while speaking about their divorce, which has yet to be finalized.

When speaking about the split, Maloney pointed out, “We did break up for a reason,” to which the Tom Tom cofounder agreed. They also noted that the actual process of splitting assets and legally separating is anything but fun.

“Divorce no matter what … it still is a mindf—k,” the former SUR waitress explained. “It’s just like [a] business.”

Schwartz revealed that marriage is a “beautiful thing” and then when you get divorced, it’s “reduced to like a piece of paper that we sign and then it’s just over. … [It’s] the least romantic thing.”

Despite the rocky road to singledom, the Schwartz & Sandy’s cofounder is looking on the bright side. “I won’t say I’m happier than I’ve ever been, but I’m very optimistic and grateful,” he told his estranged wife. “It wasn’t easy getting to where I am now.”

Schwartz added: “I’m happy that we’re still close. I think relatively speaking, we’ve done a damn good job divorcing each other.”

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