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Police Are Looking For A Mother And Two Kids Who Were Allegedly Residing With Ezra Miller

According to reports, a young lady and her three children who were apparently residing at Ezra Miller ‘s Vermont property are now disappeared.

According to Rolling Stone, the “Flash” star may be hiding the location of the 25-year-old lady and her children, who are ages 5, 4, and 1, which is why Vermont State Police are searching for them.

VSP police claim they tried to present the mother with an emergency care order sought by the State Attorney’s office, which required the children’s transfer from the mother’s custody and property, at least twice over the weekend, according to legal papers acquired by the publication. The State Attorney’s office claimed Miller’s claim that the family had not even resided there for months appeared to be an effort to “evade delivery” of the order.

Miller was reportedly accused of felony theft for reportedly breaking into a residence and grabbing six bottles of wine back in May on one of the authorities’ visits to the 96-acre Stamford estate to find the family.

The “Perks of Being a Wallflower” star’s home was visited by numerous police officers for about an hour on Tuesday night, according to a specific source who declined to give the reason. The source further mentions that up until mid-July, when her profile went quiet and seemed to have been erased, the mother was regularly making social media posts from home. According to reports, the order was created out of concern for the children’s safety because Miller’s property is reportedly covered in marijuana, ammo, and weaponry.

The allegations were presented to Rolling Stone by numerous sources with information on the circumstance, along with the father of the children, in an investigation that was released in June.

Two of the witnesses claimed that the “Fantastic Beasts” star’s home was littered with abandoned weaponry, and video appeared to show the weaponry stacked up close to cuddly animals.