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Players Might Finally Stop Sucking, Thanks To The Newest Protagonist In Apex Legends

The newest season of Apex Legends, Hunted, debuts tomorrow. You can expect the typical serving of character balancing, location modifications, and new legends along with it. The latter could help me eventually stop being a game dummy.

She is the first sniping-focused protagonist in Apex, and her name is Vantage. Respawn has provided a small preview and explanation of her powers, with one trait that should make long passes much simpler to land.

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Although we haven’t had a chance to play with her yet, we have seen a short preview of her capabilities.

Spotter’s Lens is the skill I’m focusing on there. As a former casual player of Apex, I’ve never been able to understand how bullet drop works in the game.

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I might get the help I require to eventually become a capable squadmate from a bullet drop indicator. Her Sniper’s Mark ultimate, which effectively marks players for death, is probably more exciting to expert marksmen. Similar to Zenyatta’s Discord Orb in Overwatch, this has a great range and is extremely lethal.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that self-revive, one of the game’s most potent abilities, is also being completely eliminated. As of right now, Gold Knockdown Shields have the Guardian Angel perk, and Gold Backpacks have Deep Pockets, a new perk that allows users to carry more restorative supplies per slot.

There are numerous adjustments to protagonist and firearm balance elsewhere in the Hunted latest update. New on the chopping board is Valkyrie, who is having her VTOL jets, which make her so famous with top players, severely nerfed.

Skyward Dive, her effective repositioning ultimate, is now slower and lower, which makes it easier than ever to select her squad from the skies before falling. I think he underperformed during his inaugural season because Newcastle is giving practically every component of his outfit massive boosts.