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Players Are Missing Out On Millions Of XP Due To A Flaw In Diablo Immortal

It has been noticed by players that completing quests from Diablo Immortal‘s Battle Pass does not grant extra points. Even though Blizzard already published a hotfix, millions of points have been lost as a result.

However, despite the hastily released patch, the issue is still present in all places. Players continue to complain that occasionally they didn’t get experience for jobs they completed during the previous period as well.

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Although Blizzard claimed that all transfers were recorded and that all victims would get their experience, the procedure clearly faces the danger of being delayed due to the high number of users and the manual nature of accruals.

Players have been complaining about losing experience through Diablo Immortal’s Battle Pass since early July. Thus this problem has been around for about a month.

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It appears that although players see the animation that indicates they are gaining experience when they level up their Battle Pass in-game, their experience bar does not actually grow. By rating up their Battle Pass in this manner, players are not actually gaining the experience they should be, which costs them millions of XP points.

On Reddit, a community lead for Diablo Immortal reassures players that Blizzard is aware of the problem, has released a hotfix and has also pledged that all the XP will be given back to the players who initially missed out on it.

The update did not, in fact, work, and gamers are still missing out on XP points when they rank up their Battle Pass; they are still complaining on Reddit two days later.

The number of experience points that have been lost is frightening. Diablo Immortal still sells users two combat passes simultaneously and a lot of gold in spite of all the complaints. The game has recently had 20 million installations, according to the makers.