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Perfect Dark’s Production Is Doing Nicely, According To Jez Corden

Known Windows Central insider and journalist Jez Corden is back with the most recent information on the upcoming Perfect Dark chapter, which is presently being worked on by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics.

In a recent issue of The Xbox Two, Corden provided some insightful commentary. Despite the lack of gameplay videos or particularly positive rumors so far, the source, who expressed tremendous confidence in his assertions, indicated that the game’s production is moving along quite well.

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If you recall well, Corden was the one who highlighted the different concerns with the creation of Perfect Dark in the first few weeks of March.

Initially, the addition of Crystal Dynamics to the development team led to a number of conflicts between the parties as a result of divergent project visions and ineffective internal priority management.

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Due to the toxic environment, many developers even quit the studio. Thankfully, a lot has changed in that time.

Microsoft just made a significant investment in the game’s development and improvement of the setting in May. Naturally, to speed up development and fulfill deadlines, the Perfect Dark crew was restocked throughout that time with a plethora of new talents.

We announced the founding of a new Xbox Game studio in Santa Monica, The Initiative, two years ago, and we just revealed Perfect Dark at The Game Awards. Our goal is to present a secret agent thriller set in a not-too-distant future.

The Initiative has assembled the Perfect Dark team by enlisting some of the most brilliant game developers from throughout the business who all share a love of narrative, world-building, and crafting unforgettable gaming experiences.

We have the full support of Xbox Studios and are incredibly happy to share some of our early concepts for reimagining one of the most beloved IPs in gaming history. To fulfill the promise of the upcoming generation of game development, we are making a lot of effort.