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Overwatch 2 Fans Were Questioned By Blizzard If They Would Spend $45 On Mythic Skins

Following this survey, users started to express severe concerns about the monetization strategy in the shooter sequel, which will not have loot boxes.

How much are you ready to pay on character skins and other in-game cosmetics in Overwatch 2 if you want to distinguish from other players? Blizzard has great expectations because Overwatch 2 users have been asked to do a poll, and it appears that the target pricing for the weapons, characters and other stuff listed so far is fair.

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Among the many Overwatch 2 improvements coming to the follow-up multiplayer game, Blizzard previously acknowledged that it was doing away with loot boxes in favor of action passes and outright purchases – much like added online games like Fortnite. However, Blizzard hasn’t yet explained how the great prices and microtransactions in Overwatch 2 will operate.

Players questioned whether they wanted to spend $45 on epic skins, weapons charms, and other cosmetics at excessive pricing in the delivered article. For example, one bundle costs $5 and includes three sensual sprays; the other costs $20 and consists of an emote, a highlight intro, and a souvenir.

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Blizzard started emailing players a survey about the fair price of Overwatch 2 skins and other mechanics around the end of July 2022. The creators, among other things, questioned shooter fans about their willingness to pay for various rarity skins.

It’s very plausible that these are purposefully inflated prices, and Blizzard is just checking through this specific survey type. However, it hasn’t been received well on Reddit. Until the October release of Overwatch 2, we won’t know for sure.

A new analysis purportedly proves that Blizzard appears to be valuing the costs of skins, bundles, and weapon charms. For example, the study asks if players can afford to pay $44.99 for a unique Mythic skin, $24.99 for a Legendary skin, $29.99 for a Legendary bundle, or $9.99 for a weapon charm. But, of course, these costs are by no means the final ones.