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One Of The Titles Xbox CEO Of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer Most Anticipates Playing Is God Of War Ragnarok On The PlayStation

As he publicly stated on Twitter, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer is eagerly awaiting the release of God of War Ragnarok so that he may completely give in to its gameplay. In theory, this is typical as many people are anticipating a Sony PlayStation blockbuster.

However, they do not control the major rival of the game publisher. But Phil has made it clear time and time again that he values video game production above all else. Therefore, I imagine he received a rare PS5 for free from the Japanese rather than purchasing one.

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Since 2009, Capcom has experienced constant growth. Meaning that over the years, every new year has proven to be more fruitful than the one before. Indeed, the beginning of the new fiscal year wasn’t great: sales and profits decreased by around 50% from the previous year’s period.

But Capcom’s top executives aren’t in any panic rush. Everything is proceeding as expected, in their opinion. Like Resident Evil 8: Village was released last year, but there haven’t been any notable releases this year.

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They will, however, undoubtedly materialize by the end of the year ( RE4 remake, for example, as well as Village DLC). Therefore, it is anticipated that this fiscal year would mark the eleventh consecutive year of increase.

Kokoro Clover Season 1, an anime-themed 2D platformer, will launch on Switch on August 4 of this year, according to game publisher Phoenix. Players will go on a grand adventure in the robotics and transformations universe.

They will be followed by maps, dances, and more than 20 bosses to battle. The game will also be accessible through Steam at the same time. Phil Spencer’s passion for video games transcends Xbox, to be sure.

Unfortunately, he has demonstrated that he is just as vulnerable to the God of War: Ragnarok hype as any other video game enthusiast.