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One Million More Players Joined The Elder Scrolls Online In Just Six Months

The Elder Scrolls Online‘s major features are consistently displayed for many by the ZeniMax Online team and Bethesda Softworks. For instance, this time, the developers announced that the audience for MMORPGs had increased by another million players.

The finding is that there have ever been 21 million gamers in total. More intriguing data started to show up on the Spanish Twitter account’s profile. As a result, it was discovered that 34 add-ons and 63 fixes had been released by the devs over TESO’s eight-year lifetime.

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There are approximately 3000 tasks in total, which is one of the more “game” facts worth mentioning. Additionally, it will take more than 1,000 actual hours to finish just this content.

In a previous post, The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest addition, High Isle, introduces noble knights, the continuation of the Breton Legacy, new quests, and 30 hours of brand-new storylines. High Island can be added to your buying cart through the TESO store, but once you pay, you come to another dead end.

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The contented pre-order owners can only appreciate the new journey. Or those players who have access to third-party websites where they can buy an activation key.

In the past, we mentioned Mannimarco, the King of Worms, a despised antagonist in Daggerfall, Oblivion, and even The Elder Scrolls Online.

He is an intriguing character, especially given his connections to necromancy and one of the most potent TES villains. By the time of Oblivion, there were really two Mannimarcos because of Daggerfall’s Dragon Break, which, to put it simply, rendered every single conceivable conclusion to the narrative canon. But before that, he assisted Daedric Prince Molag Bal in taking over Tamriel. He had also attained godhood by the time of Oblivion.