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On ‘The Tonight Show’ Madonna Flaunted Her Brand-New Birthday Grills

Prior to her 64th birthday on August 16th, the Queen of Pop bought herself a set of new “birthday grills,” which she proudly displayed during her Wednesday interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon .”

She said to Fallon, “I just acquired these new grills, and if I begin simpering will you tell me?” The 47-year-old anchor said, “I love them,” after describing her new dental accouterments as “wonderful.”

The Material Girl stated, “I bought myself a pair of grills. It’s almost my birthday, and I made them myself.”

Madonna stated, “People don’t like my grills; I don’t know why. I’ve had them for years.” She said, “I just like the look of it because it’s mouth jewelry, and I have pretty rotten teeth.

Among the flashiest grills owned by the “Like a Virgin” singer? The set she purchased in 2013 was made of genuine gold and sparkled with 24 diamonds.

Do not despise me. Hate my #grilz,” she wrote as the caption of a picture of her new mouthpiece on Instagram. She also has a very embellished version that she donned to the 2017 Met Gala and featured a tiny diamond cross between her two front teeth.

As was to be anticipated, many users of social media disapproved of the superstar’s birthday grills. “Omg. While I’m watching Madonna on Jimmy Fallon, she is completely speechless. Her grills are actually preventing her from speaking. It’s crazy,” one person tweeted. Another commented, “I truly wish Madonna never discovered grills.”

However, not everyone despises her metal mouth. 2017’s “Madonna’s Grill has become an emblem of not caring a f—k,” as one admirer put it. Of overcoming expectations that have been formed in advance. And I adore it for that. On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” music and fashion queen Madonna stated that her 16-year-old son David Banda is already dressing better than she is.

She said to Fallon that evening, “He can put on any clothes and look slick as you know what.