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On The Rooftop Where Her Baby Was Conceived, Julia Fox Wore A Blazing Trench Coat

Each new release of Julia Fox instantly scatters through the media and social networks, and after all, once everyone believed that the actress was copying Kim Kardashian .

Now it is obvious to all of us that Julia herself has become a trendsetter, and she has her own unique style.

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The former fiancee of Kanye West is not afraid to experiment and sometimes makes her own clothes. For example, trousers with a deliberately low waist or micro-tops.

By the way, the actress shares tutorials on creating such things with subscribers on social networks. But the new image of Julia is not recommended to be repeated, as it can be life-threatening.

On July 23, the actress went up to the roof of one of the houses in New York in a leather bodysuit and over-the-knee boots, and Fox put on a black Sam Macer leather trench coat on top which literally burned.

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In a video posted to social media, Julia can be seen posing with the long train of her cape on fire. At some point, the sleeves of the trench coat also begin to burn, but you should not worry about the safety of the actress: her hands were hidden in long black gloves.

The mother-of-one complimented Briana Andalore, a wardrobe stylist, for putting together the ensemble. She also included three fire emojis.

The 2016 Crystal Castles song Char provided a great soundtrack for Julia’s original work. The video, which Ben Draghi captured, opened with a camera pan of the fire garment. The socialite then took a pose, adjusting its heavy collar upward.

She posed in front of the New York City skyline during the midnight photo session.


Fox recently appeared in one of Selling Sunset actress Christine Quinn’s most recent social media pictures and was spotted hanging out with her. They convened with friends in New York City and displayed their fashionable selves.