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On Google Play And The Apple App Store, Pre-Registrations Are Now Open For The Walking Dead: All-Stars, A Squad-Based Mobile Role-Playing Game

A tactical squad-based RPG called The Walking Dead: All-Stars is the newest mobile game set in the world of The Walking Dead. Players can gather a variety of survivors in The Walking Dead: All-Stars, including some of the show’s most recognizable characters.

The Walking Dead is a hugely successful brand that started as an exciting and gory zombie horror comic before being transformed into the live-action The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead: World Beyond television dramas, all of which are produced by AMC.

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The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, a VR adaptation, are only two of the many video games that have emerged from the original brand since then. With many entries, including The Walking Dead: Survivors, Walking Dead:

Road to Survival, and The Walking Dead — No Man’s Land, the franchise has also dabbled in the mobile games market.

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The Walking Dead: All-Stars, created by veteran South Korean developer and publisher Com2uS, is the most recent mobile game set in Skybound’s The Walking Dead universe. The publisher Com2uS is responsible for several popular mobile games, including Summoner’s War, which has had over 100 million downloads and has remained popular for more than seven years.

Teams of assembled survivors will be used in The Walking Dead: All-Stars’ squad-based tactics gameplay to go through progressively challenging story-driven challenges. Players can also manage their bases by creating personal sanctuaries with resources acquired via gaming.

The Walking Dead comic series, not the live-action AMC series, is the inspiration for the game’s graphic aesthetic, which fits the 2D mobile game genre nicely.

Along with adversaries like Negan and Alpha, a broadcast of well-known survivors, including Rick, Michonne, and Glenn, will also be collectible. As a consequence, The Walking Dead fans will probably be able to purchase their favorite characters.