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Nintendo Won’t Be Unveiling Any New Hardware This Fiscal Year

Xbox and PlayStation

Like Xbox and PlayStation , Nintendo also suffers from supply issues and component shortages. This might explain why a recent Nikkei report – relayed by Bloomberg’s game and tech writer, Takashi Mochizuki (see below) – stated that there wouldn’t be new hardware releases this fiscal year.

Mochizuki’s tweet reads, “There will be no new Nintendo hardware this fiscal year, which ends in March 2023. Not immediately clear whether that part of the article is from Nikkei’s own reporting or what Nintendo President, who Nikkei interviewed for the story, said.”

111 million units sold

For all the Nintendo fans speculating a Switch “Pro” release – sorry, it looks like that’s not happening any time soon. In any case, the Switch recently crossed 111 million units sold , but overall sales are down by 22.9%. Perhaps Nintendo will pivot to hardware announcements after the fiscal year comes to a close.