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Nier: Automata Player Discovers A Secret That Has Been Kept Hidden For Five Years.

It seems Nier: Automata‘s final secret wasn’t so secret after all: sadfutago, a Reddit user, appears to have discovered a sizable hidden region in the existential android action game, and veteran dataminers and ardent fans are equally astounded by the revelation. Automata spoilers are forthcoming. A month ago, Sadfutago started posting about “the church” in the game’s subreddit and enquiring as to whether anyone else was aware of its whereabouts. Such a post was automatically removed due to “poor engagement.” After showing images of the aforementioned church—which no one has previously apparently reached before sadfutago—they eventually today produced a brief film showcasing their discovery.

The game’s third, hidden protagonist, A2, is seen fighting in the “Copied City,” an odd, whitewashed locale from earlier in the game, in Sadfutago’s footage from towards the end of the game. A2 starts the tape fighting some common foes that spawned nearby following its debut story appearance. A2 receives an interactive prompt as she approaches an unremarkable wall. When they first activated it, they believed it to be an item drop, but when they did, a portal appeared in the wall, according to Sadfutago. A steep drop on the other side leads to a twisting funhouse hallway. Before A2 reaches the location of sadfutago’s earlier screenshots, the video ends. Many Redditors are dubious about the film because it’s unclear how the hallway changes into a church interior and if there’s anything else down there. After all, because no one else has found the place.

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But it’s highly improbable that this was added to the game via a mod—the Automata community hasn’t yet developed the ability to make large map alterations. ThatwillROAR, who left a comment on sadfutago’s video, said it best: “One person alone developing a generational jump in Nier modding in secret only for a prank against Taro Yoko having even more esoteric secrets?” Given the existing restrictions on game modification, it would be just as significant if this turned out to be a fraud.