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Nick Cannon Posts Pregnancy Photoshoot With Brittany Bell

The world population may take a strong hit the day Nick Cannon decides to go celibate, but until then he is fathering children left and right and his latest on-coming baby is baby number 9 with Brittany Bell .

The rapper/tv personality announced at the start of this year that he had more kids on the way and now fans are getting to witness it firsthand as Nick recently took to Instagram to show the behind-the-scenes of his pregnancy photoshoot with Brittany Bell.

The video shows Nick and Brittany getting very comfortable with each other and clearly having the time of their life as they strike various poses in front of the camera. Brittany is positively glowing and clearly enjoying motherhood to the fullest.

Nick captioned the post saying:

“Time Stopped and This Happened… @missbbell ❤️😍🥰🌞 #Sunshine #SonRISE”

Although it hasn’t been officially announced by either one of the two parents the hashtag suggests that the latest member of the Cannon dynasty is a boy.

Nick Cannon has been perfectly candid about him having many children with many different women and he has said that he loves all of his children and they all bring him lots of joy. Cannon jokes about this particular predicament of his quite a lot.

Earlier this year Cannon appeared in an advertisement with Ryan Reynolds in which Reynolds joked that he needs a vasectomy because he has 3 kids in reply to which Cannon reveals that he has 9, causing Reynolds to spit his drink out.

After that, Elon Musk, who is also known for fathering lots of children with lots of women, tweeted jokingly that he is trying to help the underpopulation problem on planet Earth in response to which Nick Cannon said that he was right there with Elon in his mission to single-handedly increase the population.

Cannon also lost a child named Zen to a brain tumor in 2021. Nick shared Zen with Alyssa Scott. Nick has revealed that the loss of Zen had a very severe impact on him and caused him to go into steep depression.