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Mindy Kaling Talks About The Possibility Of A Never Have I Ever Spin-Off

Mindy Kaling ‘s Never Have I Ever has had 3 wildly successful seasons so far and will be coming to a close soon with season 4. The announcement seems crazy given the success of the show and the desperation of the fans to keep following the story but Mindy has given very good reasoning for closing out the show so quickly and it has much to do with the fact that the actors on the show are already starting to look less and less like high schoolers.

While speaking to Popsugar, Mindy explained her logic in the following words.

“I’m old-school, so I come from ‘The Office,’ where that show went on for nine seasons, and ‘[The] Mindy Project’ went on for six seasons, but those were shows that weren’t about high school. In the beginning, I thought, ‘Oh, I could do this show forever and ever,’ but then you see these kids and it’s scary how old they look by the end of the season. Then you wait a year to shoot again, and you’re like, ‘Oh, this is why high school shows wrap it up in four seasons.’ When [showrunner Lang Fisher] suggested, ‘What if we try to do all of their storylines in four years?’ it really did end up making sense.”

However, despite Mindy preparing to say goodbye to the show, when asked about the possibility of a spin-off being derived from it, Mindy showed significant excitement.

“Oh my gosh. Absolutely. I absolutely would consider doing that if there was a demand,” said Mindy in response to a question, “I’ve never thought about a spinoff actually. It’s a fun thought experiment, but I haven’t actually thought of one.”

Mindy also spoke about which character would be the focus of her spin-off and for her, it was without a doubt, Trent. Mindy spoke about why she would like to have a spin-off around the character in the following words:

“Honestly, he’s so funny to me. He really makes me laugh, so finding out [more about] Trent and seeing what his haircare routine is every morning. I would definitely watch that show. I’d definitely like to write that show.”