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Michael Peña, Star Of ‘Ant-Man’, Has Spoken About How Having A Son Has Changed His Life And Fans Think It’s Adorable

Michael Peña is an American actor who is extremely loved by everyone who watches his shows and movies. He’s an extremely talented human and has gained a lot of fans due to his acting career. He’s best known for his role in ‘Ant-Man’ and fans adore his personality.

He’s one of the few actors that has played in tons of films of all kinds of genres. From kid-friendly movies such as “The Lego Ninjago Movie” and “My Little Pony: The Movie” to “Narcos: Mexico”, he has played all kinds of roles and has been appreciated for his skills in all of them. He’s also known for being in the “Ant-Man” movies and he might just turn up in the unreleased Marvel Movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”. However, it has not been confirmed whether he will be in that movie yet.

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Michael Peña is married to Brie Shaffer who is a known actor and producer. The fact that he has done so many kinds of movies means that he and his wife can sometimes bring their son along to some of his movie premieres. However, the rest of their lives is kept very private by the couple and everyone respects their privacy.

Michael Peña’s son’s name is Roman Peña and he was born in 2008. Since the two do not share much of their life on social media, we do not know a lot about their lives however it was revealed that Michael Peña got a tattoo for his son when he was born. He also has admitted that being a dad has completely changed his mindset in life.

He states that having a son has completely changed everything for him. He went on to explain that being a father has made him much more careful with himself. In the show “Narcos: Mexico”, he is playing the DEA agent named Kiki Camarena. He mentioned that the real Camarena had been assassinated in his attempt to catch criminals. This was something that Michael Peña had kept in mind.

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He just used to think about potential loss and not wanting children to grow up without a father. He mentioned that because of that thought, he had started being cautious.

Fans thought his belief was adorable and couldn’t help but gush over it.