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‘Meet Cute’: Everything to Know About Pete Davidson, Kaley Cuoco’s New Movie

A love story with a twist. After Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco signed on to play love interests in Meet Cute, it wasn’t long before the film became a topic of conversation.

According to the synopsis, the romantic comedy follows Sheila (Cuoco) and Gary (Davidson) as they “meet and seemingly fall in love at first sight.” However, it is later revealed that their connection is orchestrated by Sheila who has a time machine that allows them to keep “falling in love over and over” again.

The plot hints that things take a turn when Sheila travels to Gary’s past to “change him” into her “perfect man.”

In August 2022, director Alex Lehmann praised the hard work that went into creating Meet Cute.

“If I had a time machine right now I’d be torn,” he said in a press release at the time. “Do I skip ahead to our release date or do I go back and relive the joy it was making this film? Lucky for me it’s a decision I don’t get to make. I’m excited for audiences to get swept away on this wild romantic ride exclusively on Peacock.”

Ahead of the movie’s debut, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that Cuoco and Davidson quickly formed a close bond while working on set. “Kaley and Pete have bonded a lot while filming so much so that they’ve become very good friends,” the insider revealed in September 2021. “They’re very supportive of each other and there’s no doubt they’ve been staying in touch post-filming.”

The actress, for her part, later gushed about finding a confidant in her costar. “We really became very good friends, and he truly is one of the nicest people in the world,” the actress told Glamour in April 2022 before complimenting Davidson’s approach to fame. “Some people would walk by and be like, ‘F–k you, Pete Davidson.’ And then the next person would drive by and be like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m your biggest fan!’ And he’d laugh.”

The Big Bang Theory alum, who announced her split from husband Karl Cook while working on the movie, teased that she was “very proud of” the romantic comedy.

“It’s cute. The movie is so cute. He’s cute. We had so much fun. He’s hilarious,” she told Entertainment Tonight that same month. “I don’t know how they’re gonna edit it together, because all we did is laugh and screw up our lines. It’s an adorable movie.”

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