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Marvel’s Midnight Suns For The Second Time Has Been Delayed Is Once Again Without A Firm Release Date Firaxis Tactical RPG

Another postponement has been made for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In its Monday quarterly earnings release, publisher Take-Two disclosed the delay. However, at least on some consoles, it will be available before March 31, 2023, because the exact launch window is inside the 2023 fiscal year.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns, released in August, is a superhero strategy game that follows a cast of well-known characters, including the Avengers, on an adventure that combines card-battling turn-based combat and Fire-Emblem-style relationship building. It is based on the Midnight Sons comic book run of the mid-90s.

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Originally scheduled to debut in March, Firaxis and 2K decided to delay it until the end of 2022 to “provide more plot, cinematics, and overall polish” last November. However, the game’s release date of October 7th brought the news that the end was almost here in June.

To “provide the finest possible experience for everyone,” Firaxis says it has chosen to postpone the game a second time. Unfortunately, this has caused the original release date to slide once again.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a strategic turn-based role-playing game created by Firaxis, well known for creating XCOM. Additionally, the game contains deck-building elements that use cards to represent the various techniques and skills each Marvel hero has available.

Although according to Firaxis, the game would only include ornamental payments, Marvel’s Midnight Suns users won’t be able to use real money to purchase new cards.

Nevertheless, according to 2K, Midnight Suns will now be released for the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC before its current financial period ends in March 2023. Therefore, the notice from today does not include a new launch date.

But now that those versions have been postponed indefinitely to “a later date,” those wishing to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Switch will have to wait much longer.