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Mark Ruffalo Thinks There Might Be A Hulk Solo Movie Coming Soon While Talking About His Future In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU has only gotten better with time and fans adore the franchise. However, many things seem to be changing in the Marvel Universe. Mark Ruffalo has spoken about the possibility of a new solo “Hulk” movie and has also talked about his future in the MCU.

The new show “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” is almost ready to hit streaming service Disney+ and fans could not be more excited. At the grand premiere in Los Angeles, Mark mentioned in an interview that he wasn’t ready just yet to stop being the Hulk for the MCU movies.

However, Mark has also mentioned that he was incredibly overjoyed to hand over the title of Hulk to Tatiana Maslany who is starring as the ‘She-Hulk’ in the new show. He was full of compliments for her as he called her the best and stated that he had a great time watching her take on the role.

In the same interview, Tatiana mentioned that playing the roles of the two hulks had made both of them feel so free as if they were children again. Mark agreed with the statement and stated that after the whole Covid pandemic, it had been a fun time for them.

Mark was asked what the past decade had meant to him to which he replied that it had helped form his career so it was very important to him. He mentioned that he had gotten to work with a lot of wonderful people over the last decade and he was grateful.

Tatiana was asked if she could see herself playing the Hulk in the next ten years to which she replied that she could. She said, “Yes, I hope that I have the same dexterity, physical dexterity, as you do in 10 years with this character because I saw you do that when you were, like, Bruce Banner on the ground and you stood up and were the Hulk, you did that transformation in three seconds, not even one second without using your arms… Do you know that you can get up off the ground without actually getting up off the ground?”

It seems as if Mark Ruffalo is not willing to let go of his role as the Hulk so easily. He seems determined to make sure that he plays the role a little bit longer.