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Mark Hamill Hilariously Defends Luke And Leia Kiss Scene From The Empire Strikes Back

Mark Hamill ‘s Twitter is a gift that just keeps on giving. The actor is famously known for responding with hilarious comments every time that he is called on and sometimes even when he is not called on. The actor recently retweeted a picture taken by NASA’s James Webb telescope and photoshopped a death star into it for comedic effect.

Now, Hamill’s Twitter is the center of attention once more as a fan called on Hamill to explain one of the most infamous on-screen kisses of all time, the kiss between Luke and Leia in The Empire Strikes Back .

The Empire Strikes Back is widely regarded as one of the most amazing Star Wars installments of all and the infamous kiss between Luke and Leia at the time of its shooting was not that big of a deal. It didn’t actually become a matter of controversy until several years later when Return of the Jedi was released in 1983 in which it was revealed that Luke and Leia were actually brother and sister. This certainly cast the kiss into a new and rather awkward light that has since been addressed many times by actors, directors, and many others.

However, it seems you just can’t address some things enough as recently a fan took to Twitter to post a picture of a stormtrooper holding a sign which says, “At least we didn’t kiss our sister.” The Twitter user even hilariously went on to caption the post saying, ”


I believe this is the first time a storm trooper didn’t miss…”

However, Mark Hamill is not one to shrink from a challenge and quickly responded to the tweet.

Mark’s response read:

Since we didn’t know we were siblings when we lip-locked, I’ve always considered it “innocestuous.” #GuiltyWithAExplanation

Hard to argue with that logic and hard not to laugh at it as well. This is the explanation that has been given time and time again for the awkward plot detail and it seems to work, even for Star Wars fans who are historically known for being rather critical.