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Mandy Moore Is Pregnant And Has Spoken Up About Cancelling Tour Dates Due To Certain Fears

Mandy Moore is a famous actress and singer who’s known for her sweet nature and her incredible talents. She’s dedicated to her art and often goes above and beyond for her fans. That’s one of the few reasons that her fans love her so much.

Mandy Moore recently canceled her remaining tour dates in June. Since Mandy Moore is currently pregnant , she found it very hard for her to take care of her toddler August Harrison while she was on a tour bus. She had originally thought that she could power through the pregnancy and the show side by side. However, she found that it had become increasingly difficult for her as time passed.

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She had found that being on a set to film was very different than being on a tour bus. However, she had been surprised to find out that while she had presumed that she could, every pregnancy was vastly different and she had to care for a toddler this time as well.

She had also been concerned about the health of her new baby due to her lack of sleep. She was worried that her lack of sleep and busy schedule could potentially harm the health of her unborn baby and she was not willing to compromise on such a thing. Although the tour of Mandy Moore came after 15 years, she was heartbroken to cancel it. But her priority has always been the health and happiness of her children.

She also mentioned that she felt as if she was letting too many people down by her decision. However, her OB/GYN was relieved when she took this decision. Mandy has decided that she will get back on the tour bus with her husband Taylor Goldsmith and her two sons when the time is right.

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Her husband had told her “The most important thing is to listen to your body. We will do this again. This isn’t the last time that you’ll be able to go on the road.’ We will always make music a priority, and it will always be a part of our lives.” The two are making plans to get back on the road whenever they can when the time seems right and Mandy is content with that.