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Madonna Skates On A Rollerblade While Surrounded By People To Avoid Falling

On Wednesday night, Her Majesty visited the roller rink in Central Park, where she was guarded by a group of people to prevent her from eating it.

She staged a party with Nile Rodgers at his realistic roller rink, The DiscOasis, while being protected from something as commonplace as gravitation. It appears that the disco icon hired Madonna ‘s bodyguards to prevent her from “breaking her ass.”

In response to pressure from friends to skate during the party, Rodgers, who produced Madonna’s “Like A Virgin,” remarked, “I’m only willing to skate if M skates.”

But I had to convince them of that. He informed his team that Madonna, 63, was hesitant and questioned, “What if I break my ass? I’m not interested in busting my ass in public.

Rodgers responded politely, “If she does, we’ll all break our asses, so we’re all going to tumble down,” in response. They left for the rink after that. Madonna even completed two laps of the ice with the assistance of Rodgers and a few friends!

What about those dances from her “Sorry” video? One snide fan asked. 2005 single portrays Madonna easily skating around a roller rink in a leotard, but it’s obvious that the video was only for show.

She and Rodgers danced in a VIP area off the ice to songs like Beyoncé and Madonna’s “Break My Soul: Queens Remix” as Questlove provided the music. Madge danced with her son David Banda, who was well-liked by the audience, while Madge’s children were also there.

Sherri Shepherd, who had just relocated back to New York for her new upcoming talk program, was there skating like a professional in the meantime. “Nothing like skating and feeling the breeze in your wig,” she said on an Instagram video.

Although Shepherd was unable to speak with Madonna in person, “I did sow the seed for her to come on my show,” she said.