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Lucent Nargacuga Unleashed In New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Trailer

A flying wyvern known as the Lucent Nargacuga will soon nest within a ruined society in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This creature arrives on August 1 within a free title update for players on Switch and PC.

Capcom released a minute-long trailer that shows a battle against the Lucent Nargacuga within the Forlorn Arena, backed by beautiful moonlight. The wyvern can cloak to evade its attackers and spin within the blink of an eye to knock them back.

In our review for Sunbreak, John Carson said the game needs more threats. “The lack of new monsters plagues the early hours, but there’s plenty to love if you keep at it,” he wrote. “The added flexibility of the Switch Skill Swap system is a freeing and fun expansion to combat for hardcore hunters and the new creatures in the Master Rank quests – when you get to them – breathe life into the experience. For someone already invested in Monster Hunter, there’s plenty to love in Sunbreak.”

This title update brings at least one new beast to hunt. Here’s hoping players stumble upon more as the world opens up and the new content is unearthed.