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Lucas Pope Revealed On Social Media That The Odd Logic Game Papers, Please, Would Be Available For iOS And Android Mobile Devices

On August 5, 2022, independent developer Lucas Pope revealed on social media that the odd logic game Papers, Please, would be available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The strange logic game Papers, Please is a satirical attack on communism. The Republica Times and 6 Degrees of Sabotage, two such free games made by Lucas Pope, are his first commercial endeavors. Currently, the game is accessible on PC, iPad, and PS Vita.

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The process occurs in Arstotzka, a made-up communist nation. We take on the role of a young officer who has just joined the neighborhood customs agency.

A six-year conflict between Our Motherland and its neighbor Kolechia concluded. Both parties stipulated that their border crossing would be situated directly in the middle of the city of Grestin as part of the peace accord.

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Due to the opening of the borders, everyone attempting to enter Arstotzka must be closely monitored. Our goal is to apprehend terrorists, spies, and traffickers. We can accomplish this by looking through documents, performing physical checks and searches, and using a crude biometrics database.

Next, based on the data we have gathered, we must decide whether to let the traveler through or not or even if we should imprison him. Pope responded to these queries from usersThe application will be a typical paid one.Only portrait mode will allow you to play the game. The game’s UI has been made more straightforward, and the balance has been adjusted.

All iPad owners who already own Papers will have access to the mobile version without having to do anything.

On August 8, 2013, the game’s initial release for Windows and Mac aligned almost precisely with the revelation of the impending mobile port.

The mobile port seems to be the best option for the game, given how manageable it is. Pope spent some time in his responses explaining that the mobile port would be a paid application and would have the same language options as the PC version.