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Love Is In The Air As YouTuber Lele Pons Gets Engaged To The Love Of Her Life Rapper Guaynaa

YouTube is one of the many platforms which has made it possible for content creators to bring their creative sides forward and collaborate with one another. But who would have thought that the platform would lead to collaborations in more than just content? What about a collaboration in life? Such is the story of Lele Pons and Guaynaa.

Lele Pons is known as one of the funniest content creators on YouTube but she first gained millions of followers during her time on the popular app ‘Vine’ before shifting platforms after Vine shut down.

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It has recently come to light that Lele Pons has gotten engaged to the rapper Guaynaa. The two have been together since 2020 when they released their first song together called ‘Se Te Nota’. And as the years have passed, their love for each other has only gotten stronger.

Regular proposals are sweet however Guaynaa chose to go above and beyond for his woman with his proposal. he got down on one knee in front of thousands of people in Belgium, during the Tomorrowland show, to ask Lele to be his forever.

Although the move itself was risky, there was a happy ending where Lele accepted his proposal in tears. Lele herself has been incredibly happy with her relationship and watching her smile and be on cloud nine has led her fans to celebrate with her.

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She posted her engagement clip on her own Instagram and received millions of congratulations from fans and celebrities alike. Paris Hilton was a part of the pictures that Lele had posted and Lele herself stated that Paris Hilton would be her bridesmaid at the wedding.

Her comments section was filled with her fans screaming with joy at her engagement and partaking in her happiness. Aoki, during whose set Guaynaa had proposed, was also one of the people who wished the couple on their engagement and sent love their way.


Fans have grown up with Lele Pons since her ‘Vine’ era and watching her become a strong beautiful woman gives them joy.