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Love Is Blind’s Iyanna McNeely, And Jarrette Jones Made Their Impending Divorce Public This Week

Following Iyanna McNeely’s recent breakup news earlier this week, Natalie Lee spent a girls’ night out with her fellow Love Is Blind co-star. On her Instagram Story, Lee, 22, posted a video of their gathering, which McNeely, 28, reposted on Thursday. Lee remarked that the meal lasted “4+ hours.”

Lee posted a picture of their date as they dined and drank, “My oyster queen.” Along with wine and fries, the two also had shrimp rolls. On Thursday, McNeely and Jarrette Jones, who first connected during season 2 of the Netflix relationship series, made their separation official.

They stated, “After considerable deliberation, we’re saddened to report that we have separated and will initiate the divorce process. Jones and McNeely informed the audience that despite their lives “moving in various directions,” they still love each other.

The statement read, “We would always wish each other the very best, and coming to this choice was far from easy.

“As we finish this chapter of our lives, we ask that everyone allow us some room. We appreciate your support of us both via our experiences, dear friends and family. Thank you to Netflix and the “Love Is Blind” family for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, “Added them.

“Each of you has filled our lives with unbounded love and delight. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our sensitivity, and our love as a result of this experience. “The ex-couple came to a decision. “We have no regrets at all!”

Jones first felt an attraction with Mallory Zapata when he first saw McNeely in the Love Is Blind pods, but he finally chose McNeely, and the two became engaged.

McNeely and Jones revealed their future intentions to PEOPLE after the conclusion and reunion special broadcast.

Traveling is the top priority for us since we had talked so much about it in the pod about how we planned to see the world before getting married and starting a family; Jones said that in March.