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Kim Kardashian Is Thrilled With Her New Body Fat Percentage Following Her Weight Loss For The Marilyn Monroe Costume

This spring, Kim Kardashian captured the attention of Internet users everywhere when she was able to don the fabled Marilyn Monroe “bare” outfit.

True, the reality television personality had to adhere to a strict diet for this. The celebrity said that dietary modifications caused a severe case of psoriasis.

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Kim won’t revert to his old ways, though, even after the Met Gala. She carried out a series of measures the other day and wanted to show them to online users. According to the examinations, Kardashian was able to lower her body fat from 25% in May 2021 to 18.8%.

In a year, Kim lost roughly 5 kg overall. However, this is a very respectable figure given the star’s growth, which was 157 cm. To make sure I’m in shape and healthy, I measure my bone density, body fat percentage, and other things, Kim said.

I fall within the category of an athlete. Kardashian echoed her happiness. Fans are now speculating as to whether the reality TV star’s transformation is connected to her relationship with Pete Davidson. Or perhaps Kim is just sick of showing off her famed curves.

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Kardashian defended her position after receiving backlash for her comments about weight loss, stating she always treats the Met Gala like a part in a movie.

We are aware that actors like Christian Bale are infamous for drastically changing their weight when performing, and even Ana de Armas’ portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming NC-17 biography Blonde makes her completely unrecognizably different. But in the case of Kardashian, it really boils down to whether she’s using her public identity as a prop on its own.

On their new reality series, The Kardashians, she and Kanye West allegedly played around with non-truths, according to her ex Ray J.


(He was primarily discussing the Season 1 resurfacing sex tape narrative.) When Season 2 of the infamous family’s hit television show premieres on September 22 for Hulu subscribers, we’ll probably learn more about what is and isn’t true (as the family sees it).