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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits A Significant Update And A Steam Release Are Coming

The anniversary update for September adds New Game+, new goods, and other things. Magnificent action-adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits will soon receive a significant version that will include a New Game+ feature.

IGN has exclusive knowledge of the game’s free Anniversary Update, which will contain New Game+, Charmstones, Spirit Guide Trials, Kena Outfits, and accessibility enhancements, to be released on September 27. The game will be released on Steam on the same day; it was previously a PC-only exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

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After finishing the game, players can begin Kena’s adventure with all of their previously gained skills, improvements, clothes, Rot, etc., and face revised and more difficult combat situations. “Each of these special artefacts offers different changes to Kena’s attributes and abilities. Charmstones are individually equippable.”

“Each of these special artefacts offers multiple changes to Kena’s attributes and capabilities. Charmstones are separately equippable.”

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The Spirit Guide Trials is a brand-new game mode that tests players’ abilities with a range of re-playable obstacles in three separate categories: barrier courses, wave defenses, and boss reflections.

“By passing the Spirit Guide Trials, Kena can don clothes that are each based on a character she encounters during her trip. Each trial’s extra goals can be completed to unlock other color options for each outfit as well as certain special Charmstones.” “A new outfit reserved exclusively for Deluxe Edition users.”

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was the first game produced by Ember Lab, a team of cinematic animation professionals known for their work on the well-known Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate fan film. In our assessment, we gave the game an 8 out of 10 and described it as “an potential action that harkens back to the days of the N64/Gamecube period Zeldas, Okami, and Star Fox Adventures, while also adding some current sensibilities and an unique unique style.”