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Katie Holmes goes Out With Beau Bobby Wooten III In A Beautiful Baggy Jumpsuit

Katie Holmes was also in a good mood as she took the composer for a stroll while they both couldn’t help but giggle. Katie Holmes guards the specifics of her private life.

The star was courting Bobby Wooten III, a singer and Grammy winner who is ten years her junior when news of their relationship broke in the summer, but celebs seldom ever went in front of the cameras.

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They were spotted together by cameras while walking in New York, and it seems they are still together. They engaged in conversation, shook hands, and rarely could suppress their laughing. Stars looked really thrilled by the looks on their faces.

As they strolled through Washington Square Park later on in the stroll, Katie pulled her hair back into a low ponytail.

Only a few times have the two been seen in public together, with the New York premiere of Katie’s movie Alone Together in June being one of them.

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Additionally, they attended a wedding together that same month in the Church of St. Therese of Lisieux, where one of Bobby’s friends got married.

A source claimed that Katie had “spent time with Bobby’s family, who genuinely liked her,” and that they had PDA at the celebration. During the outing, the bubbly couple appeared to be having a serious chat while laughing together.

They would kiss and be overjoyed to be back together if they went for extended periods of time without seeing one another. According to the source, Katie and Bobby were always quite affectionate with one another and appeared to be deeply in love with one another.

The actress recently informed that it had been really fulfilling for her to maintain her personal style throughout her film career.


I’m like, “Well, I just like to look great; I’m not really a fashion person,” but in the culture we live in, having a premiere and wanting to look nice quickly transforms into being a fashion person.