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Kate Moss Speaks Up About Being Asked To Go Topless In A Photo shoot When She Was Underage

Kate Moss is probably one of the sweetest women in the industry. She’s known for her kind and compassionate nature and everyone seems to adore her since her beginning days. She’s a British model and businesswoman and has gained a lot of followers for her personality and her ability to empathize.

But even the kindest stars have a weird past. Recently, Kate Moss revealed that she had been asked to go topless in a photo shoot when she was just 15. The photographer had been a man and the photos were meant to be used for a bra catalog. She admitted that when he had asked her to take her top off, she had obliged despite her feeling really shy about the situation. However, when he asked her to take her bra off, she felt uncomfortable and ran out of the place.

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She had a few more photo shoots after the initial one but one that was very painful for her was the one done by Corinne Day for the magazine “The Face”. She would ask Kate to do all kinds of weird things such as snorting like a pig to get a certain shot of her scrunched-up nose.

Kate had said that she had cried a lot because she was very uncomfortable being naked. She said that she did not want to take her top off however the photographer had told her that if she did not, she would not book her for Elle.

She mentioned that Corinne Day was one of her best friends but had been very tricky to work with. However, the pictures had turned out amazing so Kate did believe that some of them did her good.

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However, in another photo shoot, Kate worked with Miss Day again for Vogue. The photos had been in her apartment, in her underwear, and had gained a lot of negative comments from people who stated that she was promoting thinness and drug use. Kate herself said that she never did heroin and she had always just been naturally thin.


However, Kate did do drugs and she had gotten in a lot of trouble for them. She retaliated by saying that everyone she knew did drugs so she didn’t know why they focused solely on her.