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Kate Moss Justifies Her Courtroom Support For Johnny Depp

One of the most successful couples of the 1990s was Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. The actor and model were expected to go down the aisle soon, according to fans.

But ultimately, the couple split up. The fashion model had to enter rehab after splitting up with a Hollywood actor, which she frankly discussed in an interview. Naturally, following such disclosures, rumors regarding the former couple’s connection started to spread more widely.

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However, the former lovers now have a very close friendship. When Kate represented Johnny’s defense in court, she reaffirmed this. She refuted the journalists’ assertion that the actor extended his hand to her.

Kate recently spoke with the media and gave an explanation of her decision to testify in court. “I am aware of Johnny’s true identity.

I am certain that he didn’t force me down the stairs. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 reporters, the famous person insisted, “I had to tell everyone about it.

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By the way, there was a report that the ex-lovers might reunite due to Kate’s support of Johnny in court and subsequent attendance at his celebration. We all have experience with a happy couple that met after a long separation.

Amber Heard filed an appeal in an effort to reverse the judgment in the defamation lawsuit, so Johnny Depp’s legal troubles aren’t quite ended. In response to the appeal, Depp’s team disclosed that the Pirates actor had also submitted one of his own.

He filed despite his desire to “move on,” saying that he wanted to “guarantee that the whole record and all legal issues are heard by the Court of Appeal.”

We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out, but until then, it’s reasonable to assume that Depp will at least have the backing of his supporters and a few notable celebrities, like Kate Moss, as events develop.