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Kanye West Won’t Be Prosecuted For A Violence Incident He Took Part In Earlier This Year

According to Page Six, Kanye West will not be prosecuted for reportedly assaulting a man who requested his autograph earlier this year.

In regards to the incident involving Kanye West that occurred on January 13, 2022, a representative of the LA City Attorney’s Office told us on Tuesday, “After a comprehensive and careful assessment of all the material, our office is declining to file based on no reasonable possibility of conviction.”

Michael Goldstein, West’s attorney, exclusively tells Page Six, “We are delighted with this outcome as it recognizes my client did nothing wrong.”

The criminal defense attorney then claims that footage and images sent to the city prosecutor’s office proved that the person in question followed my client to three separate sites in a short period of time before waiting for him at his hotel and approaching him at 3 a.m. It was intolerable that he again invaded my client’s personal space.

“The City Attorney made the proper decision,” says Goldstein in his conclusion. After allegedly getting into a fight with a man who had requested his autograph and the incident turning violent, West, 45, was being investigated for violence.

The video showed West screaming at the female staff member, “Get away from me,” as she attempted to pacify him by saying, “Give me your hand.” Get away from me, please! He then gave a furious reply. There are no hands; there are no hands.

Soon after, Page Six found out that the purported victim had made two separate attempts to obtain West’s autograph. Finally, Tuesday, West’s attorney explained that the man was an autograph broker.

According to a source, the unnamed man initially approached the “Jesus Walks” rapper outside Craig’s in Los Angeles before returning two days later to the exact location outside Delilah.

Police were examining witness testimony and paparazzi videos as part of their inquiry, according to law enforcement sources who previously spoke to TMZ.