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Kanye West Rips Adidas, Saying The Brand Didn’t Get His Consent For Yeezy Day

For the fourth time, the Adidas brand participated in Yeezy Day, an annual event. True, it just became apparent that Kanye West , the designer of the Yeezy line, was unaware of this cutting-edge custom.

Ye stressed in a blog post that he was never solicited for permission to organize Yeezy Day by Adidas executives. “Adidas didn’t ask me; they simply did it,” West screamed, “and then they brought back the old style without my approval, chose colors and product names without my agreement, and also employed people who used to work for me. Without my approval.”

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The rapper, who was visibly upset, continued to accuse the company managers: “They took my color schemes, stole my style, even my method of selecting materials. Without my permission, they used talented individuals to represent the Adidas Originals brand all around the world.

Kanye also disapproved of the Adidas partnership with Gap and Balenciaga. The rapper is especially irritated by the fact that when he initially asked the brand’s reps to boost the production of Yeezy Slides, the general manager replied that they did not have such a chance, and soon after, Adidas introduced the Adidas Adilette.

“Fake Yeezys,” the rapper calls them. Adidas and Ye started working together in 2013, but in recent months, Ye has been outspoken in his disdain of the well-known company and has blasted them for releasing items under their Yeezy label without his consent.

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The celebrity explained how Adidas first introduced the concept of Yeezy Day in 2019 without consulting him in a direct Instagram message to Complex.

“Adidas made up the Yeezy Day notion without my agreement and then went and brought back prior versions without my approval,” read the lengthy message.


He said the business employed personnel who had previously worked with him without getting his consent, then went on to choose product names and colours without consulting him.