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Kandi Burruss, From Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Gets Roasted By Marlo Hampton In Recent Episode Of The Show

The “Real Housewives” franchise comes with a lot of drama. Many times, the show can have drama that viewers enjoy but sometimes the drama escalates to the point where fans worry. In the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, the group took a vacation to Jamaica however certain circumstances made it impossible for fans to believe that they had been relaxing at all.

An altercation happened between reality stars Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burruss . The two were in a discussion about Marlo’s decision to send her nephews away when the discussion turned into a fight. Kandi had simply been asking whether Marlo thought it was right to send her nephews away like that without even thinking of their feelings. However, things got heated and Marlo clapped back by saying that Kandi was a nobody and was only known in Atlanta.

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Kandi herself confidently argued that she was known worldwide. And fans seem to agree with her statement as they came to her defense after the episode aired. Fans commented on various social media platforms that Kandi had been known throughout the world since the 90s.

Marlo received a lot of backlash for her unkind comment. Fans of Kandi were quick to call her out for being so rude. Even some celebrities commented on the posts such as Tami Roman, former star of Basketball wives, who stated that Marlo had set herself up for the backlash she was receiving. Everyone roasted Marlo right back in the comments and Kandi was grateful for the love she was receiving from the fans.

It seems as if Kandi and Marlo just aren’t getting along for this season. While things seemed to work out better between them before, it seems as if they just cannot stand each other now. The show has been more interesting watching the two fight and bicker and fans are loving watching all of the drama unfold.

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Fans of Kandi don’t seem to mess around when it comes to their favorite reality tv star. And the loyalty they show to her is seen in how they stand up to her.